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Managing a rental home or a portfolio of properties in North San Diego County requires a very specific skill set. Many of our clients find themselves facing challenging questions during the course of their day-to-day operations: how much should I charge for rent? Is it worth partnering with a property manager? How can I protect the long-term returns of my home?

At Real Property Management, we strive to provide simple solutions for complicated problems. For more than four decades our team has helped local property owners to reap the benefits of home ownership, while simultaneously reducing the stress associated with being a landlord. From maintenance to marketing, our staff members thoroughly understand the ins and outs of this unique industry.

Our learning center serves as a resource for local property owners eager to expand their knowledge while maximizing the potential of their rental portfolio. Looking for reading material? Take a look at the following articles to learn more about how to effectively manage your rental property in North San Diego County.

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A Good Liaison with Our Landlord

I have been renting a property in Carlsbad managed by RPM for the past two years.  John and the rest of the team have been very good to work with and have been very attentive to issues.

 - James C. |  Tenant


I Will Definitely Recommend RPM

I am a current resident of [one of RPM's properties] and will say it is one of the best experiences I have had. The property manager has been nothing but helpful and courteous.

 - Bea C. | Tenant

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A Trusted Local Leader


Fair and Quick

My fiance and I have been renting from RPM for a few years and they have always been fair and quick to remedy any issues we have had.

 - Steve C. | Tenant


Attentive, Respectful and Kind

I have been enjoying living within one of RPM's properties for just over five years now, and they have been immediately responsive to the comparatively few problems I've had.

 - Ted C. | Tenant

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