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If you own a condominium or townhome in North San Diego County, you understand the unique challenges found in these properties. Condos and townhomes often have multiple tenants to juggle, or in some cases, the property shares common spaces with other owners. It's important to ensure the tenants respect any condo bylaws or other relevant restrictions, while the responsibilities of the property's occupants are met. 

At Real Property Management, we're familiar with the challenges posed by condos and townhomes. Entrust us with your property and we'll keep a close watch on your home for you, enabling you to enjoy the benefits of property ownership. We handle everything from marketing and tenant screening to ongoing maintenance.

Don't Leave Your Tenant Up to Chance

One bad tenant could send your property into a tailspin, as you juggle damage to your home, unpaid rent bills, and complaints from neighboring condo owners. Don't find yourself in these shoes—instead, let us find a qualified tenant on your behalf. At RPM, we use a proven assortment of advertising and marketing techniques to publicize vacancies to the public. We not only create digital listings for the property, but we syndicate this information over several local real estate websites. 

Once we receive an application, we'll subject it to our rigorous screening process. All applicants must have strong credit (a score of 600+), meet the earning requirements for the home, and possess no negative rental history. 

Tired of Nonstop Maintenance Headaches?

Maintenance calls and repair requests are a fact of life for property owners. If you're tired of answering phone calls day and night, RPM's maintenance services will prove a godsend. We accept maintenance requests via phone call and our convenient online portals. Our maintenance supervisor reviews maintenance requests quickly, and dispatches a trusted vendor to handle the problem as soon as possible. 

We even offer 24/7 emergency call support. In the event of an overnight problem, we'll resolve the problem for you while you enjoy your rest. 

We Make it Easy to Monitor Your Condo

We understand investors are concerned with the bottom line, which is why we've made online portals available to all of our customers. Simply log in to your account and review income and expense statements, inspection notes, and much more. If you're worried about meeting your financial goals, these documents should help clarify your questions. It's just one more way RPM builds healthy, transparent relationships with the clients who entrust us with their assets.

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A Good Liaison with Our Landlord

I have been renting a property in Carlsbad managed by RPM for the past two years.  John and the rest of the team have been very good to work with and have been very attentive to issues.

 - James C. |  Tenant


I Will Definitely Recommend RPM

I am a current resident of [one of RPM's properties] and will say it is one of the best experiences I have had. The property manager has been nothing but helpful and courteous.

 - Bea C. | Tenant

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Fair and Quick

My fiance and I have been renting from RPM for a few years and they have always been fair and quick to remedy any issues we have had.

 - Steve C. | Tenant


Attentive, Respectful and Kind

I have been enjoying living within one of RPM's properties for just over five years now, and they have been immediately responsive to the comparatively few problems I've had.

 - Ted C. | Tenant

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