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Archive for November 2015

The Many Hats of A Property Manager

5 Things To Know About Being A Property Manager Being a landlord isn’t easy. It’s actually a full time job, on top of your real job, and one that doesn’t even pay very much at that. When you’re considering moving, you might think it’s worth it to put your home up for rent. While it’s…

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Renting Versus Buying With Real Property Management

9 Things To Consider Before Moving Into Your New Home A lot of times, renters who’ve been used to renting apartments, condos, or homes their whole life, are more than weary of breaking the mold and settling on a purchase. However, there are many other times when tax credits or even just a little voice…

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The Property Manager Guide To Finding That Perfect Roommate

4 Tips For Finding the Perfect Roommate It’s a sad fact that most adults can’t afford to live alone anymore. Particularly in the more expensive living states, such as a California, adults of all ages are left to find roommates who may or may not get along with their overall personalities. Sadly, because saving money…

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