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Archive for February 2014

San Diego Real Estate Value Appreciated Through 2013

The numbers are in and it appears that the real estate market throughout San Diego County displayed strong appreciation value.  The average increase in value for real estate was 18% at the end of 2013.  This is excellent news for speculative and investment real estate owners, as it shows a strong return on any investments…

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Luxury Apartment Demand on the Rise

It’s impossible not to notice a change in the quality of rentals while looking through the San Diego County rental market.  Whereas the general rule of thumb follows the dictum of Adam Smith – that given the choice people will seek the lowest possible prices in all things – the truth is that there is…

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Home Sales New Three Year Low

The home market in San Diego might take a hit through the rest of this quarter and into the next as home sales are at a three year low.  This news break comes from the San Diego Union-Tribune which notes that this follows the trend in the housing market throughout San Diego County which started…

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Rebounding Market and Unemployment Rates Create Opportunities

Recently the San Diego Union Tribune reported that while the cost of housing was rebounding, with it the affordability of real estate was returning, making it difficult for middle class families to purchase a home.  This situation has interesting affects throughout San Diego County and is something that real estate investors should be aware of…

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New Federal Rules for Lending Aimed at Reducing Defaults and Lawsuits

The federal government has changed the requirements for mortgage qualifications.  This news came out the end of January and signals a change in the processes that have been followed recently for mortgage qualifications.  The stated reason for this change is to ensure that people taking out the mortgages will be able to repay them and…

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