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Archive for January 2014

2013 in Review and Predicting 2014

2013 was a great year in the real estate industry throughout all of Southern California, especially San Diego County.  Low interest rates combined with limited real estate properties entering the market culminated in increased real estate appreciation.  In fact, 2013 was one of the best years for real estate appreciation since the early 2000s. Mark…

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Interest Rate Increases Could Affect Real Estate Costs

The Federal Reserve Interest Rate is scheduled to increase and with it the real estate market is projected to slow while prices increase.  According to Wells Fargo and JPMorgan Chase, the number of mortgages fell dramatically during Q4 2013 as the Federal Reserve Interest Rates rose.  According to Well Fargo, new mortgages and refinancings fell…

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Studio Apartments Increase Desirability

Real estate investment is a complex financial industry that relies on numerous factors to bring to profitable fruition. One of the biggest challenges a real estate investor faces is in knowing whether or not to invest in individual homes, large apartment complexes, condos, etc.  And looking at the data from Q4 2013 and the dawn…

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Rent RPM Speculates Real Estate Market Changes in 2014

2013 is over with a new year dawning heralding new changes to the real estate market of Southern California and in particular San Diego County.  Now that it is past, 2013 brought a lot of changes and mostly normalizing effects to San Diego County, especially when compared to other markets in the state and nation…

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Nationally Real Estate Forecasted Toward Balance in 2014

Looking outward from San Diego, the national real estate trend is toward balance.  The gap between buyers and sellers are diminishing and the market is pushing toward equilibrium.  This is a welcomed change from the last five years which have been topsy-turvy and chaotic in the real estate market nationally and in San Diego County.…

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