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Archive for December 2013

San Diego County Property Tax Increase in 2014

Property tax increase will be less than 0.5% starting 2014.  San Diego County Assessor Earnest Dronenburg stated that property taxes will increase by .0.45% throughout the county.  The 0.45% increase is less than a quarter of the increase from the previous property tax evaluation of 2013.  In San Diego County the tax rate is tired…

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San Diego Foreclosures at Eight Year Low

Good news for the real estate market in San Diego County: the foreclosure rate is at nearly eight year low.  For one of the first time since the beginning of the 2008 housing market bust, foreclosure notices have dropped below those in 2005.  At Rent RPM, North San Diego County real property management specialists, we…

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San Diego County Real Estate Market Changes for November

On December 16th, the San Diego Union-Tribune reported that fewer homes were sold in San Diego County during November than in previous months; however the median price of the homes increased.  Before November the average price of a home was $412,750 and during November the reported average was $415,000 according to their source  The Union-Tribune…

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