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Archive for November 2013

Unemployment in San Diego at 7%

San Diego County received encouraging news this week when the state Employment Development Department released employment data and the unemployment rate is at a 7% which is the lowest it has been in three years. In October San Diego employers added 10,800 jobs and annual growth was up to 1.8%.  This places San Diego ahead…

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Average US 30-Year Mortgage Rate Increases 4.57%

Reports earlier this year from ABC 10 News reported that the average mortgage rates have increased by 4.57%.  Since May of this year, the average mortgage rate has increased by almost a full percentage point.  It appears as if the cause of the increase is due to a combination of factors, including Federal Reserve rates, the…

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$15.7M Lost by IRS in Guam May Lead to Reforms in 2013

Interesting news from the Department of Revenue and Taxation’s Real Property Tax collections uncovered that the IRS lost $15.7 million in “unrealized, lost and forgone tax revenues” with as much as $14 million lost because of “an outdated valuation system”.  This report was released from the Department of Public Works and Land Management late August…

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