Technology Trends in Carlsbad Property Management Companies Part 1

Working with a property management company that utilizes innovative technology provides a number of benefits to landlords in Carlsbad. There are a lot of new technology trends in the management industry that can help rent properties faster and keep the process more efficient.

Cloud Based Management

On the forefront of the technology trends in property management is the migration of data from local servers. All of the property management data has been moved to the cloud. This includes online based management systems, online bookkeeping, bill paying, rental payments and disbursements to property owners via ACH. This creates more transparency and access for managers as well as landlords.

Property Management Software

Property management software is one of the things that have really improved with technology. Online software allows us to provide portals to tenants and owners. Owners have real time access to their data. They can pull financial statements 24/7. Tenants can log in and see if they owe a balance because they also have access to online accounting. They can pay rent online, and this allows us to pay owners online. As soon as that rent payment is made, we can make a direct deposit into the owner’s bank account. This provides a huge benefit because our owners get their money a lot faster. We don’t have to deal with checks, where would take the tenant’s check to the bank and then wait for it to clear and then mail the check to owner three days later. The whole process moves a lot faster.

Technology Trends and Marketing

There are also marketing benefits that result from our latest technology trends. We can set up a property profile with marketing enriched photos and detailed descriptions. With the click of a button we can export your listing to over 200 rental marketing websites like,, and literally hundreds of other websites across the Internet. We’ll rent your property a lot faster because all the information a prospective tenant is looking for can be found there, including the location, number of bedrooms and rental price.
We’re talking more about property management technology in our next blog. If you have any questions, please contact us at Real Property Management.