Technology Trends in Carlsbad Property Management Companies Part 2

Property management technology has changed and improved the way rental properties are cared for by landlords and managers. In our last blog, we talked about property management software and how it helps you get your money quicker and find tenants faster. Today, we’re talking about another part of technology advancement that is critical for landlords and property managers.

Inspection Applications

Another technology that’s available is inspection applications. This availability stems from the real estate inspection industry because property managers do hundreds of inspections every year, or at least they should. The old school way of inspecting properties was to go through the house with a pen, pad of paper and a camera. We’d get back to the office, upload the photos and send the owners an email with a few photo attachments and do the best we could to show the condition of the property. Today, we have tablets, which makes the whole process more efficient and allows our owners to receive much more robust reports that include dozens of photos as well as an in depth reporting of the property’s condition.

Documenting Property Condition

With the new technology, we can go through the property with the iPad and take photos of every room and note any issues. We can document a leaky faucet and get a picture or take a video of the leak. This technology allows us to record the condition of every single room. The program prompts us to look at flooring, walls, baseboards, windows and doorknobs; everything. This is especially useful for owners who aren’t local or are out of state. They just want to see the property condition once in a while and know that everything’s okay.

Inspection Report

With the property inspection technology, we are able to generate a PDF report that is 8 to 13 pages long, with photos documenting the interior and exterior. The benefit is that owners who can’t get inside the property very often can see what it looks like. They can see if anything is wrong and they can also see that the long term tenants they appreciate are taking good care of the property and treating it like their own home. It’s a huge benefit to property owners.

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