With A Great Property Manager Comes Great Responsibility

5 Qualities Tenants Expect From Their Property Manager

Let’s face it, a good property manager can be hard to find.

Many are out for a quick buck and as such find ways to limit their time spent on their rentals.

Unfortunately, this does not bode well for either the tenant or the manager.

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While property managers are not meant to be the friend of the renter, they are expected to have an attitude that is easy to handle, but firm at the same time.

Basically, a property manager is the home rental equivalent of your godmother or father: they’re your buddies until they aren’t.

Renters should be aware that contrary to what they might believe, this is not done as a bad thing.

In fact, a property manager that has an approachable personality, but also maintains a firm hand, is more likely to keep your rental smoothly.

So just what are the elements that make you the property manager that renters want?

Take a look at the five things we value most in our property managers so that you know what to look for in the future.

Great Communication

Good communication will keep renters happy and property managers stress-free. Add to this that a property manager’s ability to communicate with their tenants is what is going to keep conflict from popping up. However, property managers are not only expected to communicate with their tenants, but with the owners of the home they are managing. This allows everyone and everything to run as smoothly as possible, while bridging the gap between tenants and owners. Without this fluid line of communication, problems may occur and emotions run high, leaving all parties stressed out and frustrated.


Property managing isn’t just about being prepared when your tenants call you with a problem. Is that a part of it? Absolutely, and a big part at that—but more on that later. It’s important to know that a great property manager will maintain a sense of

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professionalism and be frequently present in the properties that they take care of. For managers working in a larger company, a specific manager should be put onto a specific property so that there is no confusion about who is taking care of the tenants. However, professionalism should be maintained throughout the entire company. Regardless of who is in charge, there should always be a sense of camaraderie between employees to provide the best service possible for the renters. Additionally, property managers should always maintain a sense of professionalism when dealing with their employees. Workers such as plumbers, gardeners, and accountants should always be treated as employees to maintain a sense of work order. Professionalism must be present always, regardless of whether or not you’re employing people you are familiar with, to always give renters and owners a sense of comfort that things are being handled.

Time—and Lots of It

Time is of the essence when you’re a property manager. Great managers know that they will need to devote a lot of their time to their tenants and the property owners to give them a feeling of satisfaction. Things happen when you’re renting a home. Pipes burst, people get locked out, and pools fill with bacteria, meaning that you—the property manager—will need to make time to head over to the home and see what needs to be done. A good manager will recognize that when they take on the role of a property manager, their time no longer belongs to them, but to that of their renters. If you’re considering the role of a property manager but aren’t prepared to take early morning or late-night phone calls, then you’re better off finding a property management company that is.


There’s a lot more to being a property manager then taking phone calls and paying visits to properties. They are also held largely responsible for paperwork, evictions, and rent. While a management team might have an account on hand or a legal team to help

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with problems, they should still be familiar with everything going on. This includes having an understanding of eviction laws for your state, knowing when rent is due and the proceedings that go along with it, and knowing what is included within the renter’s agreement. Because they are seen as the tenant’s first line of defense when something goes wrong or when they need questions answered, it is imperative that they maintain a knowledgeable disposition at all times.

Willingness To Listen

Above all, an ability and willingness to listen to the tenant is what will separate the great property managers from the mediocre. Many times, tenants (and owners) will come to their managers expecting help and answers for problems they may encounter. Whether it be issues with the home itself, or questions about how service can be approved, managers must be prepared to listen and take these problems seriously. Without a willingness to take the matters of your tenants seriously, you’ll be increasing problems and causing more issues in the mean time. When you have a property manager who makes it a point to listen and listen thoroughly to your concerns then you’re more likely to feel taken care of in the long run.

What qualities do you look for in a property manager?

What do you think makes a property management team great?

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