RPM Property Management Referral Program

Local Carlsbad Realtors can earn a property management referral fee by bringing Real Property Management new business. Even if you’re an estate planning attorney or anyone who knows someone with a house to be rented out, we can help each other succeed.

Property Rental Options

We compensate people who refer us to new accounts. Sometimes, real estate agents will come to us because they have clients who are trying to sell a home, but the property just isn’t moving. If the listing is priced too high and it’s been on the market for three months or four months and you know the home isn’t going to sell, renting it out might be a viable option.

Professional Management

It’s important that you refer your client to a name that’s trusted and experienced. The referral is a reflection of yourself, and you want your clients to be pleased. Our company has been around since 1975. We are family owned and operated and we’ve always been in Carlsbad. We manage properties throughout San Diego County. Think of referring business to us as deferred income. You may be foregoing a $10,000 or $15,000 commission today, but you’re maintaining a relationship and building trust with your client. You will refer them to a company that will do a great job for them without costing a lot of money.

Returning Your Clients to You

Your clients will be happy to get their mortgage paid while they wait for a better time to sell. Then, after a year when the tenant’s lease is up, the owner may want to try and sell the property again. At that point, we refer that client right back to you. We’ll sign a contract that ensures we won’t list a property for sale because we don’t do sales.

Property Management Referral Compensation

When you refer your client to us, we pay you a property management referral fee when the property rents. Visit our website and you’ll see a link for our property management referral program. You’ll find a calculator that can show you how much money you can make on a referral when you send us new business. We do a lot of work with estate planning attorneys as well. When a family member passes and the trust has properties that need management, estate planning attorneys usually hire a management company to take care of those assets. The properties generate revenue for the trust and the burden of the day to day management is removed from the trustee.

If you’d like to hear more about our referral program and how to partner with us, please contact us.