Important Changes for Landlords in 2016! Don’t get caught off guard!


Probably the most important law to take effect this year is SB 655, which now states that excessive Mold can render a property inhabitable! But what kind of mold are we talking here? The law states “visible or otherwise demonstrable mold growth, excepting mold caused by inappropriate housekeeping practices or improper use of ventilation, is a type of inadequate sanitation and therefore a substandard condition”. Any visible mold? That sounds pretty vague right? Well, the law also states that a certified inspector from the housing department must come to the home and inspect to verify whether or not the tenant’s cleaned and ventilated properly. If it turns out you are liable, it’s best to remedy the situation quickly as possible as the fines are expensive and can even result in a misdemeanor charge if not addressed!

In addition to Mold becoming a serious issue, the use of pesticides on a residential property can now get you into trouble too! If you hire a new Pest Control service and they use chemicals on the property (even the usual Roundup) without first notifying the resident 24 hours prior, you can now be penalized. Tenants have to know what type of chemical will be used, what it is targeting, and the possible harm it can cause. Bugs are gone but your troubles are just beginning! Read more here!