Common Misconceptions About California Evictions by a Carlsbad Property Management Company

Landlords faced with California evictions are often misled by common misconceptions about the process and the requirements. California evictions are an unfortunate part of property management and being a landlord. Nobody likes to talk about them and nobody wants to deal with them. Evictions can get very expensive if they’re not done the proper way.

Evictions are Business, Not Personal

A great way to avoid the stress that comes with an eviction in California is to use a property manager who can broker the process like a business deal. Your property manager can simply explain to the tenant that the contract has been broken. You signed an agreement that required the tenant to pay a certain amount of rent by a certain date every month. With a property manager, there is no emotional involvement.

Careful Tenant Screening

Most of private landlords get into trouble when they rent properties on their own to people who may or may not be qualified. It’s difficult for a private landlord to do proper due diligence. They’ll accept applications that were found online which do not ask for the pertinent information from prospective tenants. Or, they’ll accept credit reports from the tenant that may be faulty. Without proper screening, you can find yourself consulting an eviction attorney and losing three or four months of rent.

Renting Month to Month

We recommend that you rent on a month to month basis. If you rent your home on a month to month basis and you have problems with your tenant or you can’t seem to maintain a positive relationship, you can simply serve that tenant their 30 day notice and have them vacate the property. When you have great tenants living there who are happy and paying on time, they can stay as long as they want and all parties will be happy. However, if you’re locked into a year-long lease with a tenant who is causing problems, you’re stuck until the end of the lease. If they don’t pay rent, you can file your notices, but you’ll still have to go through the California evictions process. No one wants to do that.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us at Real Property Management if you need help with an eviction in California.