Apartment Building Sales on the Rise

Looking over the news of the San Diego Real Estate, the most common reported event are sales of apartment buildings.  Looking through the articles of the San Diego Source, the headlines read:

  • MARCH 7, 2014 – Apartments in University Heights sold
  • MARCH 5, 2014 – Apartments in Coronado sold
  • MARCH 3, 2014 – Apartment on Cape May in Ocean Beach sold
  • FEBRUARY 27, 2014 – Apartment on Melba in Encinitas sold
  • FEBRUARY 26, 2014 – Apartment on Long Branch in OB sold
  • FEBRUARY 24, 2014 – Apartment in City Heights on Swift sell
  • FEBRUARY 21, 2014 – Apartment in North Park on Hamilton sells
  • FEBRUARY 20, 2014 – Apartments in North Park sold
  • FEBRUARY 17, 2014 – Apartment in Rolando on 62nd St. sold
  • FEBRUARY 12, 2014 – Apartments in Talmadge sold
  • FEBRUARY 5, 2014 – Apartment on Broadway in SD sold
  • FEBRUARY 4, 2014 – Apartment in University Heights on Georgia sold
  • FEBRUARY 4, 2014 – Apartment building in Escondido sold
  • FEBRUARY 4, 2014 – Apartment complex in SD sold
  • FEBRUARY 3, 2014 – Apartment in Mountain View on S. 46th sold
  • JANUARY 23, 2014 – Apartment in Chula Vista on Sea Vale sold
  • JANUARY 22, 2014 – Apartments on Florence, 8th in Imperial Beach sold
  • JANUARY 21, 2014 – Ocean Beach apartment on Santa Monica sold
  • JANUARY 17, 2014 – Apartment on Walnut in Carlsbad sold
  • JANUARY 16, 2014 – Apartment in Oceanside near beach sold

Typically in our Rent RPM blog we tend to look at macroeconomics and how the market is responding in general, and these headlines are definitely more micromanaged; However, they demonstrate the trend that while the home purchases throughout San Diego County is low, apartments are doing well and continue to be a great investment for the suave investor looking to enrich their portfolios.  Looking through the usual briefs and news sources point toward what has been a quiet week in the industry, which adds greater credibility to the notion that the market is slowing and moving toward stasis.

With the end of the 1st quarter drawing close, we’ll have more accurate assessments of where the market currently stands and where it should be headed throughout the rest of the year.  Be sure to check back frequently to ensure to be in the loop on the most up-to-date information in the entire region.

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