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Important Changes for Landlords in 2016! Don’t get caught off guard!

Probably the most important law to take effect this year is SB 655, which now states that excessive Mold can render a property inhabitable! But what kind of mold are we talking here? The law states “visible or otherwise demonstrable mold growth, excepting mold caused by inappropriate housekeeping practices or improper use of ventilation, is a…

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Living Easy As A Property Manger

5 Things Every Property Manager Should Be Prepared For Being a property manager is anything but easy. While many might think it’s a cushy job—it actually requires a lot of patience, thought, and hard work. Not every property-managing job is created equally either. In fact, you’re unlikely to have any two property management experiences be…

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With A Great Property Manager Comes Great Responsibility

5 Qualities Tenants Expect From Their Property Manager Let’s face it, a good property manager can be hard to find. Many are out for a quick buck and as such find ways to limit their time spent on their rentals. Unfortunately, this does not bode well for either the tenant or the manager. While property…

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The Many Hats of A Property Manager

5 Things To Know About Being A Property Manager Being a landlord isn’t easy. It’s actually a full time job, on top of your real job, and one that doesn’t even pay very much at that. When you’re considering moving, you might think it’s worth it to put your home up for rent. While it’s…

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Renting Versus Buying With Real Property Management

9 Things To Consider Before Moving Into Your New Home A lot of times, renters who’ve been used to renting apartments, condos, or homes their whole life, are more than weary of breaking the mold and settling on a purchase. However, there are many other times when tax credits or even just a little voice…

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The Property Manager Guide To Finding That Perfect Roommate

4 Tips For Finding the Perfect Roommate It’s a sad fact that most adults can’t afford to live alone anymore. Particularly in the more expensive living states, such as a California, adults of all ages are left to find roommates who may or may not get along with their overall personalities. Sadly, because saving money…

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The Real Property Management Rental Checklist

5 Things To Cross Off On Your Rental Checklist How did you find your last apartment? Chances are it was with a lot of time and energy thrown in. Looking for a rental—home or apartment—is one of the most exciting and stressful times of a person’s life. It can mean freedom for those who are…

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Making Your Life Budget Friendly

4 Things To Consider Before Deciding On A Rental Budget What is the cost of rent? Unless you’re rolling in dough, that’s likely the first question that comes to mind when looking at a new rental. The best way to maintaining a healthy budget is to keep it. Between groceries, gas, car payments, and school…

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How Property Managers Can Attract Senior Renters

5 Things Senior Tenants Look for In Rentals We get it—you love your house. In fact, we’d be willing to bet that you’ve thought a time or two about never moving out of your house. Especially for those people who have lived in their homes for years, it can be a real downer when it…

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