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Our most frequently asked questions

Why should I choose Real Property Management?

We've been providing local property owners with quality management services for more than four decades—that's experience you can count on. Our team works diligently to customize our management packages to fit your unique needs. Whether you're a homeowner with one property or a busy investor with a large portfolio on your hands, we offer comprehensive property management options in North San Diego County that will fit your needs. 

Learn more about our history to get a better understanding of our team.

How much do your management services cost?

For a complete breakdown of our pricing structure, visit our Pricing page.

How long will it take to rent my home?

A number of different factors impact the time it takes to find a qualified renter. We aim to rent our properties as quickly as possible, using aggressive marketing tactics and an assortment of advertising tools to reach the largest audience possible. 

To learn more, visit our tenant placement page.

What does your tenant screening entail?

We utilize a variety of tools to screen every application we receive. We conduct full financial background checks, review rental history, and look for other potential red flags. 

Learn more on our tenant placement page. 

How do you draft leases?

We utilize a custom rental agreement based on the California Association of Realtors contract. We are members of the national, California, and North San Diego County Association of Realtors, we are able to gain access to all necessary addendums. These include the Lead Based Paint Disclosure and Smoke/ Carbon Monoxide Detector Statement of Compliance.

These forms were designed by attorneys employed by the California Association of Realtors to ensure the maximum benefit and protection to both member realtors and their clients.

How do your price rental homes?

It's incredibly important to price rental properties appropriately, which helps to keep vacancy periods short. On the same page, we want to maximize earnings for our clients, which is why we try to price our properties at the highest rate rent possible. 

We use a number of tools to make an informed decision, including analysis of comparable rentals in the area. We utilize feedback received during the marketing process to tweak the price as necessary. 

How do you handle evictions?

Firstly, we work diligently to avoid evictions whenever possible. This process can prove lengthly, expensive and complicated, which is why we also work to find a mutually beneficial resolution to problems when possible. 

When necessary, RPM’s eviction attorney will initiate processing an unlawful detainer or eviction. Our attorneys will also file a judgment with the courts and we will work with a collection agency to collect all past due rent, fees and court costs.

What happens when a tenant vacates a property?

When tenants wish to vacate a property, we require a written notice 30 days prior to the renter's departure. At this point, we will provide confirmation of the notice, as well as a list of cleaning tips for the residents to follow. 

We recommend our tenants schedule an inspection two weeks prior to departure. This will allow our staff members to identify any damage or problems and recommend the least expensive course of action for the tenant. 

We conduct a final inspection on the moving day, documenting the condition of the property with both photographs and notes. We then handle all necessary repairs and return the rental deposit within 21 days, as mandated by California law.

Can you provide references?

Please contact our offices during business hours to obtain references.

How do you handle security deposits?

We collect a security deposit at the lease signing for every property. These funds are placed in a trust account for the duration of the lease. When a tenant vacates the property, the home is assessed for damage or vandalism. Any applicable charges will be deducted from the deposit before it is returned to the renter.

How are maintenance requests addressed?

Tenants in an RPM property can easily request maintenance by calling our offices or lodging a request online. Once we receive this request, our Maintenance Supervisor will take the steps necessary to resolve the problem. We work with a trusted network of vendors to handle problems as quickly as possible. 

We've built our network of trusted contractors over our long history in San Diego County, and we've negotiated preferential rates we pass along to our customers. 

Have More Questions?

We'd be happy to answer any other questions you may have regarding working with Real Property Management. To learn more, simply call our offices during business hours: (760) 434-1791